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Business CD and DVD Duplication

Business CD and DVD Duplication

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Written by CD MASTERCOPY   

Corporation/Business Disc Duplication, Multimedia & Designs Services.

Let CD MasterCopy assist your company in working more efficiently. We can provide on demand disc duplication, printing, design and content development services for your catalog, presentation, trade shows, events or more. We also have fulfillment services; just let us know your requirements.

Trade shows/conference:
We can create an interactive multimedia presentation of your product; duplicate it on disc with the perfect cost effective and value added packaging, to hand out to your new and existing clientele. We can take care of the top down -bottom up of your project getting to trade shows on time and if needed, hand them out for you. Just let us know what you need so we can make your life easy.

We will find the most cost effective medium to get your product and service notice.

Software Companies:
We can create the package look and feel, duplicate and mail-out for your client on monthly basics. We can work with small to large organization to find the right package to fit within any company budget.

Do you require online Video/Catalog distribution? We have over 2,000 download resources in our network to get your online commercial, audio books or Catalog download easily.

Video Production & Authoring
Multimedia Services
Bulk CD/DVD Packaging
Slim case CD/DVD Packaging
CD and DVD on a spindle
CD/DVD in slim jewel case. "NO STANDARD"
Jewel Case Packaging
Clam Shell
Standard Jewel Case, Typical for Software
This is plastic packaging. Good for mailing
Amaray DVD/CD Packaging
DigiPaks CD/DVD Packaging
Paper Sleeves
CD Business CARDS
Paper Sleeves, Good for Giveaway or CDs being packaged in a Box.
New Method for business promotions. It Hold up to 50 MEGS and still fits in a wallet. The best method for promotion over any paper business card.
11x17, 13x19, 18x24 posters
Business cards, 3x4, 4x6, 5x7, 8x11
Promote your business with style and class
All the Size you need to demonstrate you have arrived.


Learn more about CD Mastercopy

CD Mastercopy has fulfillment location in USA, Canada & Europe, so whatever your needs are, we can fulfill them with perfection.

We provide quality CD/DVD duplication/replication, CD/DVD manufacturing, Multimedia for corporations, music labels, and software industry. We've been providing quality duplication & Multimedia services for 8 years and have good reputation with our clients. Both returning customers and their referrals create a good portion of our business. We do our best to provide our clients with quality services and one on one consultation so their project is handled with ease. Along with our great service we try our best to provide competitive pricing.

Spread the message.

CD Mastercopy is committed to helping you in building your business. We're one of the largest manufacturers of CDs, DVDs, and duplicators for corporations, large and small businesses, governmental entities as well as Independent Music Labels and associated artists. Whether you need our speedy duplicators that allow you to distribute copies of your media to the public, or you need professionally replicated and packaged music CDs of your work to your audience, we have unique solutions to fit your needs. Our friendly experts will recommend the right package that suites your specific need.

For Corporation CD replication and packaging, CD-ROM or DVD manufacturing, or CD or DVD duplicators and on-disc printers call 888.558.9552

A duplication solution for any size conference.

We’ve worked with businesses and corporations of all sizes, and based on our experience and their feedback we’ve put together special starter packages for your business. Our promotional packages include a few samples of our work such as; a mini-disc business card (hockey rink style), s mini-disc DVD, standard CD-R, and a printed cardboard mailer with Disc. We’ve also included our brochure along with a description letter. If the contents of the package do not meet your specific needs, every package can be custom-configured to include any type of particular sample of what you require. To request a sample please call 1-
888.558.9552 to discuss your specific needs. You can also submit a quote or request Information through our customer portal.

Stone Age vs. New Age

Are you still handing out paper business cards? Why? CD Mastercopy Duplication is here to let you know that when you have information to convey, all you need to use is a CD/DVD Business Card. Typical paper business card has your name, title, company, address, phone, fax, email, web site and logo. But even given all that, you still haven't conveyed your technology, demonstrated your product, or educated your customer. CD/DVD Business Cards are the perfect solution for delivering content-rich multimedia. We can also create that dynamic Web design and Multimedia presentation your business needs.

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