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Advertising Firms

Advertising Firms

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Written by CD MASTERCOPY   

Adverting Firm work with CD Mastercopy in getting your clients product on CD-ROM/CD Business Cards/ DVD-ROM or Online Distribution. It's cost effective!

Interactive CD-ROMs & DVD Video Presentations that needs to be with or without a magazine catalog, fact sheet or more? let us Assist you in finding the right solution!

Capture your audience's attention with CD-ROM and DVD video is the wave all companies needs to turn to in this day and age. CD Mastercopy can assist client with Design, layout, presentation and other type of means that can create the ultimate brand and product introduction necessary to appeal to internet savvy users. CD/DVD videos offer an engaging experience with sight, sound and motion that create emotion. That emotion is the needed ingredient to convert prospects into clients. Our full service offering involves:

  • Concept & Creative
  • Video Production
  • Audio Production and voice over talent
  • Graphic Design of interface elements
  • Graphic Design of disc face and packaging sleeve
  • CD or DVD Authoring
  • Interactive linking to web sites or supporting printable documents
  • CD-ROMs & DVDs Duplication and Replication Services

Below list a few of Specialist for Interactive CD-ROM and DVD's:

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Capabilities Presentations (Power Point, Pdf, word, rft, in design and others)
  • Print/Magazine to CD Catalogs
  • Instructional Manuals on CD
  • Training Tools Review on CD or DVD
  • Product Launch on CD Business Cards, CDROM or DVD
  • Web site Design/Promotion on CD, CD Business Cards, CDROM or DVD
  • Internet Distribution

Need that perfect PMS match for that magazine layout?

See online version on Available PMS Colors



100 and up... pricing on web site only up to 5,000 units. (paper products)
Short run Full Color Jackets/Wallets/Mailer printed on 14 PT Coated Board Stock
DigiStyle Wallets Printed on 15pt Coasted Board Stock - Gloss Finish (Matte Finished, available) - Environmental Safe (We Go Green)
5"x 5" CD Jacket 2.99 ea2.19 ea1.79 ea 1.21 ea 1.21 ea 1.08 ea 0.98 ea 0.78ea 
5"x5" CD Zipper MailerN/A2.59 ea2.06 ea 1.54 ea Submit QuoteSubmit QuoteSubmit QuoteSubmit Quote 
5" X 5 " 4 panel Wallet (1 pocket) 4.04 ea 3.44 ea 2.29 ea 1.61 ea Submit QuoteSubmit QuoteSubmit QuoteSubmit Quote 
5" X 5" 4 panel Wallet (2 pocket)N/A3.53 ea 3.011.98 eaSubmit QuoteSubmit QuoteSubmit QuoteSubmit Quote 
4 Panel Digi Style Wallet w/Tray 4.923.42 ea3.08 ea2.33 ea 1.78 ea 1.62 ea Submit Quote Submit Quote  
6 Panel Digi Style Wallet w/Tray N/A3.98 ea 3.59 ea 2.54 ea Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote  
4 Panel Amaray Sized (Tall) Digi Style N/A4.19 ea 3.69 ea2.69 ea Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote  
5" X 5" 6 Panel Wallet (1 pocket) N/A3.99 ea 3.30 ea2.39 ea 1.74 ea Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote  
6 Panel Wallets Available 2 & 3 Pockets ****Please Add.40 each to the 6 Panel (1 pocket) Wallet*** to obtain pricing for this selection.  
3" X5" Mini/Bus Card Wallets 5.99 ea 3.99 ea 2.99 ea 1.99 ea 1.801.59 ea 1.29 ea 1.19 ea  
3" Mini CD Sleeves 2.87 ea 2.56 ea 1.99 ea 1.19 ea1.19 ea 1.19 ea 1.16 ea 1.09 ea  
Bus Card CD Sleeves 2.97 ea 2.76 ea 2.19 ea 1.29 ea 1.29 ea 1.29 ea 1.26 ea 1.09 ea  
Video Sleeves N/a3.04 ea 2.69 ea 2.19 ea Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote Submit Quote  
What are the steps to get 1 time order with us?
1. Click on "Submit order"
2. Registration
3. Login with username/password
4. Click on the Section you desire
5. Select requested delivery date
6. Enter Payment and Shipping preferences
7. Click on Submit
What are the steps to setup a monthly run using your turnkey processing?
1. Call or submit a quote request with you specific needs.
2. if you agree to pricing and term and conditions we create an account for you
3. we provide you with username/Password to so check order process
4. provide you with insturction on how to upload or mail content to us


Paper CardBoard/Mailer Products

DVD Quad BrickBox

DVD Single BrickBox

DVD Single O Card


DVD Triple Brick Box

DVD Triple O Card


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