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Mini DVD Business Cards

Mini DVD Business Cards

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Written by CD MASTERCOPY   
mini cd duplication, disc duplication, dvd duplication
  • Full color print
  • 7-10 Biz Days
  • Professional
  • Quality Products
  • Disc Verification
  • Requirements:
  • Master data
  • Artwork
  • Upload master
DVD Business Card
Duplication Services
  • 1,000 DVD Business Cards

$0.99 ea
  • 2,000 DVD business Cards

  • 5,000 DVD Business Cards

  • 10,000 DVD business Cards

  • 20,000 DVD Business Cards

  • 50,000 DVD Business Cards

Next Day Service available
Order Complete CD/DVD Business Card Duplication
cd duplication, mini cd duplication, dvd duplication

What is the purpose of DVD Business Cards?
DVD Business Cards are good for presentation that
does not contain more than 1.4GB of Memory in video or data.
DVD Business Card are the same size as a business card
But contains more information on a company products or service.


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