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Hockey Ring CD Business Cards

Hockey Ring CD Business Cards

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CD Business Card Duplication, Replication, Manufacturing

CD duplication New Jersey, CD Busines Cards
  • Complete CD Business Card

  • Duplication Full Color Digital

  • Printing 5-7 Business Days

  • Professional and Quality Products Disc

  • Verification Next Day Service available

  • Requirements:
    • Master CD Artwork
    • submittable via electronic or Disc Master creation by us a 50 fee will apply
CD Business Card Duplication Services

100 CD business Cards

$1.39 ea

250 CD business Cards $1.29 ea
500 CD Business Cards $1.05 ea
1000 CD business Cards $1.04 ea
2000 CD Business Cards $0.95 ea
QTY CD Business Card Replication/Manufacturing
1,000-2,000 $0.95 ea
2,001-5,000 $0.90 ea
5,001-10,000 $0.60 ea
10,001-20,000 $0.58 ea
20,001-50,000 $0.54 ea
50,001-99,999 $0.38 ea
The stylish CD Business Cards has been the way since its nationwide release a few years ago today. CD Business Cards are rectangular or Hockey ring shaped CD ROMs and hold 50-60 MB of data, their innovative shape and translucent look lending itself perfectly to professional digital business cards, in addition to being apt presentation media for student and art portfolios, or as storage tools for MP3s and digital photos. CD Mastercopy provides expedited services throughout the US and Canada . We meet the needs of large corporation, small business and home offices for their everyday presentation in a multimedia format.. The CD Business Cards are available in two 3' mini circle CD ROMS, Rectangular, and Hockey ring shaped.

If you are currently using paper business cards, you're missing out on giving your clients the full information they need, to know about your product or services in making the right decision to go with your organization.

Benefits of CD Business Cards:

Holds up to 50MEG of Data (this form of medium enables you to create a presentation or put useful information on a disc that can give your business a lift)

Handing a existing or potential client a CD Business Card give you an edge. You will be handing over information about your business that that your client will have in the palm of their hand. You Clients can examine your product or services it at their leisure at a fraction of what traditional marketing method cost. CD Business card is simply the best was to get your sales staff to having a upper hand in getting that new client.

• Product and Services information
• Presentations
• Catalogs
• Press Kits
• Tutorials
• Manuals

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Free with order

Call for price
$0.20 each
Call for price
$0.60 each
with order of 1,000 or More.
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Are you still handing out paper Business cards? Why? 24hr CD Duplication is here to let you know that when you have information to convey you need to use a CD Business Card. To scratch the surface, you need your name, title, company, address, phone, fax, email, web site and logo on your card. Given all that, you still haven't conveyed your technology, demonstrated your product, or educated your customer. CD Business Cards are the perfect solution for delivering content-rich multimedia.
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